Why use an LGBTQ+ Travel agency for your rainbow family holidays?

As an LGBTQ+ Mum of three myself, I understand first hand the challenges that come with planning family holidays and know that finding safe and welcoming accommodation is a priority. I have experience of working with hotels and resorts that are LGBTQ+ friendly and I personally make it a priority to work with LGBTQ+ owned and operated businesses whenever possible and to promote destinations and activities that are inclusive and affirming of all identities.

Additionally, I have a wealth of knowledge about LGBTQ+ travel resources and organisations that can provide additional support and information. I can offer advice on LGBTQ+ travel blogs, social media groups, and other online resources that can help families feel more connected and informed.

I also believe that LGBTQ+ travel agents have a responsibility to advocate for and support the wider LGBTQ+ community and so with each booking I also make a donation to an LGBTQ+ charity and I use my travellers feedback to help shape the future of LGBTQ+ travel.

I believe that I can provide peace of mind and reassurance for families who may feel unsure or nervous about travelling with their children. Knowing they are working with someone who understands and respects their family can make all the difference in creating a positive and memorable travel experience.

I am committed to helping families feel supported, informed and empowered to explore the world.

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