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You say Italy, your children say pizza! There’s no denying that Italy’s culinary offerings – pizza, pasta and gelato – are certain to be a hit with the junior members of your family, but Italy has so much more to offer than incredible food.

With so much to see, your challenge will be settling on a location. Traverse Venice’s famous canals in a gondola, discover volcanoes and lava-preserved Pompeii, and swim in the Mediterranean sea. Rome is a great choice, where little ones can race around St Peter’s Square, explore the Colosseum, then train to be a gladiator at the Gladiator School Museum.

The city’s museum dedicated to children il Museo Bambini di Roma is packed with activities to get involved in, while all visitors to the city’s Trevi Fountain enjoy tossing in a coin. 

Elle Says:

Italy is also an ideal destination for a romantic long-weekend away. Eat spaghetti Lady and the Tramp style, before a post-dinner stroll around the pretty historic streets… embrace la bella vita.

If you have any questions about this destination, then let me know. I can help you plan a holiday here and give you recommendations that you may not have thought of!

How LGBTQ+ Friendly is Italy

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