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Should you holiday as an LGBTQ+ Family in Portugal

When it comes to planning a family holiday, LGBTQ+ families often seek destinations that not only provide breathtaking landscapes and cultural experiences but also embrace diversity and offer a warm and inclusive environment. Destination Rainbow suggest you look no further than Portugal, a country known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and progressive attitudes towards…

Why use an LGBTQ+ Travel agency for your rainbow family holidays?

As an LGBTQ+ Mum of three myself, I understand first hand the challenges that come with planning family holidays and know that finding safe and welcoming accommodation is a priority. I have experience of working with hotels and resorts that are LGBTQ+ friendly and I personally make it a priority to work with LGBTQ+ owned…

Don’t let the fear of flying stop you from taking the most amazing LGBTQ+ friendly holidays with your loved ones

I’m scared of flying. It’s something I don’t talk about publicly and not many people know about me. Perhaps more so because of my job and love of travel. I’ve always felt really embarrassed about it, but found it quite astonishing to find out that 1 in 4 of us suffer from it. I’ve had…

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Destination Rainbow

Destination Rainbow is an independent travel agency specialising in LGBTQ+ family holidays. But we have many strings to our multi-coloured bow. We also love planning romantic escapes for couples and are always happy to hear from friends and allies who need to escape to a sun-kissed beach or finally fulfil that long-awaited adventure.

Our travel agency is run by Elle, an LGBTQ+ mum of 3 who knows how important it is to get a family holiday right. We offer expert advice on how safe a country is and recommend hotels that welcome LGBTQ+ families with open arms. By researching the best resorts, chatting to those who work there and hearing our own guests’ experiences, we are building a collection of favourite retreats where you can be your true selves. They are competitively priced, too.

Our ethos is about personal service, trust and building a lasting relationship, so you know exactly who to call whenever you need a holiday.

Welcome to the Destination Rainbow family! 

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